2017 Budget Proposal (July, 2017) start at p.49
MASSHEALTH enrollment form/ Employer insurance
MASSHEALTH renewal form / Employer insurance

Law and Connector requirements

Connector web links to most regulations and notices:

MA Trial Court library links to various statutes

Proskauer summarizes 2013 repeal of HIRD and Fair Share

2013 Buck analysis of Connector proposals for 2013-2014

Section 125 Plan requirement
Repealed: Connector Admin bulletin 013-3
Regulations: 956 CMR 4.0

Health Insurance Individual Mandate
Department of Revenue
Regulations and personal return requirements
DOR web site
TIR 13-1: 2013 individual penalties
TIR 12-2: 2012 individual penalties

Extended coverage for dependents
Division of Insurance
Bulletin 2008-1

Division of Insurance
Bulletin 2008-02 requiring disclosure of creditable status

taxation of non-federal spouses and dependents
Massachusetts Comptroller
Nov. 1, 2006 Update Bulletin
Department of Revenue
TIR  07-16
Directive 09-2

Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Small group Regulations
Non-discriminatory offer Bulletin 2007-04

health safety net payments and funding
Division of Healthcare, Finance and Policy
Proposed Regulation (MassHealth info)


MA Wellness incentives for 2013

MA "mini-COBRA"
2009: second chance election rights

MA divorced spouse continuation

Medical Security Program
Medical Security Program (DUI site)

A matrix for Massachusetts health care

Attorney General rules if group policy terminated for
non-payment of premiums

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Commonwealth Health Insurance
Connector Authority

Department of Revenue

Division of Insurance

Division of Unemployment Assistance

Executive Office of Health and
Human Services, Division of Health
Care, Finance and Policy