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Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014
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Withdrawal liability

17 ways to avoid liability (Frost Brown Todd)
Withdrawl Liability after MPRA (Milliman)  
Withdrawal liability after MPRA (Vedder Price)

Withdrawal Liability (Mazo article)
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Successor liability after asset sales
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Mass withdrawal Liability
Mass Withdrawal liability article (Proskauer)
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Multiemployer (special rules not shown above)
2010 necessary amendments: Segal analysis
2010 special funding rules: IRS Notice-56
Preservation of Access to Care funding relief (Prudential analysis)

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Liability on Liquidation ERISA 4225
Geltman case
PBGC Opinion 93-3

Mark Trapp article

Successor liability PBGC v. Findlay Industries (6th Cir. 2018)
Successor liability for asset purchaser: Tsareff v ManWeb Services, Inc. (7th Cir. 2015) (Paul Weiss)

Successor liability based on customer (not workforce) continuity (9th Cir. Michael's Floor Covering)

Are withdrawal liability payments and unpaid contributions Plan assets?
Unpaid withdrawal liability not a plan asset: CARPENTERS PENSION TRUST FUND FOR NORTHERN
No Personal liability for non-paid plan contributions, which are not plan assets: Bos v. Board of
Trustees (9th Cir.)
Personal liability for non-paid contributions which are plan assets: Bricklayers v. Moulton Masonry &

Seventh Circuit finds 100% ownership due to voting control
First circuit confirms employer obligations to contribute 412 amount
Proskauer analysis of emerging trend to find individuals liable.

PBGC 2016 study on Multiemployer Plan Solvency

2018 Proposed regulations: insolvent plans